• Pot smoking, dabbing, eating, and passing of joints, bongs, and pens is all tolerated
  • No commerce of any kind is allowed on The Hill, so NO dealing. Not even a little
  • No roughhousing or slam dancing
  • Be nice to the cops. No weird faces, rude gestures, or taunting puffs. They are being really nice, actually, so be nice
  • Pick up litter as you leave, even if it isn’t yours
  • Costumes get on TV, drab clothes don’t. Consider that when deciding what attire to wear that day
  • No signs with sticks. Big banners are fine, but no sticks
  • No tents. That hotbox will have to happen elsewhere
  • No wandering about the Hill Complex. Stay on site
  • Groups and blankets are urged to keep to the south west area of the lawn, though you are not confined to that area
  • Coming from the Rideau Centre? Avoid the east entrances to The Hill along Wellington, proceed west to the central entrances
  • Don’t over do it. 420 is not a contest. No one is impressed with the guy lying on the grass greening out. Pace yourself.
  • Move in close if you want to hear the speeches. We can’t make it any louder or it bounces around and sounds terrible.
  • Attendees with blankets or in seated groups are asked to stay closer to the southwestern area of the lawn.
  • Attendees are asked to avoid the eastern entrances to the hill and proceed to the central entrances. (See picture below, click on the image to enlarge it)